Cabin crew training

We offer multi-platform cabin crew training solutions on VR headsets as well as mobile devices

The competitive demands of the airline market require increasingly effective and efficient training methods and devices to prepare competent and resilient cabin crew members. To this purpose, we offer innovative 3D experiential eLearning applications that increase trainee's engagement and knowledge retention. Our training scenarios can be experienced on the latest generation of Virtual Reality headsets and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), offering an unsurpassable level of realism and emotional immersion, without requiring physical cabin trainers.

What solutions do we offer?

Our applications span all cabin crew training scenarios, such as:

  • Aircraft Familiarization / Cabin Familiarization / Galley Familiarization
  • Pre-flight Preparations / Pre-Boarding Checks / Boarding Process / Pre Take-Off Checks
  • Door Training / Slide Operation
  • Evacuation / Crowd Control / Fire / Ditching
  • Suspicious Items / Unruly Passengers / Cabin Security
  • Service Training / Customer Service

Download our catalog and watch the following videos to see examples of our solutions:

(PDF, 3.21 MB)

What are the benefits of using our VR software?

The international, peer-reviewed, published studies that evaluated our applications showed that they are more effective than traditional educational materials at obtaining Learning, Knowledge retention, Knowledge transfer, Engagement, Efficiency, Error prevention, and also Personal resilience factors, such as perception of control over emergencies (internal Locus of Control) and self-efficacy.

In addition, training with a well-designed VR system allows to reduce the time spent on physical simulators.

AVIETRA’s co-founders were responsible of international aviation research projects, also funded by the US FAA, studying the main factors involved in the design and evaluation of mobile and immersive cabin safety training.

The results of our reasearch projects have been featured on major TV stations such as Fox News and Discovery Channel as well as major news web sites such as TIME, Popular Mechanics, The Independent, and Gizmodo.

Download cabin safety training demos for the general public:

Cabin crew training
Cabin crew training
Cabin crew training

What hardware is required to run our software?

Our software is available for all types of hardware:

  • all major brands of VR headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus, Pico, Varjo),
  • tablets/smartphones (Android or iOS).

We optimize the content and user interface for the specific device, providing the best possible experience on any device.

If you are not familiar with VR hardware, we provide you with all the introductory information you need and help you choose the best hardware for you.


What customizations are available?

Our software can be fully tailored to meet any client need.

Customizations can concern every aspect of the virtual experiences such as:

  • the environment (aircraft, cabin, galley, equipment and its location, malfunctions, livery, logos, external world, etc.),
  • the checklists and procedures (specific actions to perform, sequences of actions, decision criteria, etc.),
  • the feedback users receive (any visual, sound, voice feedback in response to user’s actions, tailored debriefing and instruction, ...).

Moreover, the software can be extended with new scenarios or features such as usage data export.